Click Materials is commercializing next-generation electrochromic windows that can be tailored to customers across a range of industries and categories.

Adjust the tint of a window between clear and dark states with the push of a button. Click Materials is developing smart windows that offer a convenient, versatile way to reduce energy consumption and customize almost any environment.


Smart windows modulate incoming solar heat and light to significantly reduce the costs of heating and cooling your space.


Electrochromic windows can integrate with mobile apps, voice-activated smart home technologies, or even the weather network for manual or automated control.


Create a pleasant and productive environment by maximizing exposure to natural light while regulating heat, glare, and privacy.

Innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum.

Click technology relies on novel solution deposition approaches to provide a substantially lower-cost alternative to incumbent fabrication technologies.

Click is optimizing a superior manufacturing solution for electrochromic windows.

Our proprietary deposition method affords uniform, optically pure coatings that can be sprayed at ambient conditions, enabling versatile applications at disruptively lower costs.

Click is dedicated to developing thin-film products with disruptive economics. Our manufacturing process consumes significantly less energy than incumbent technologies.

Click can make coatings on both flat and curved surfaces with greater control over switching times.

Click Materials selected as a top company in New Energy Challengers initiative


Sustainable Development Technology Canada announces investment in Click Materials


Click and Cardinal Glass partner to bring residential smart window technology to market