Our tech is your solution

Click Materials provides innovative solutions to customers from all over the world through flexible business models. We see ourselves as a part of your team, working with you to enhance your product value through advanced materials development.


Introducing a brand new deposition technology

Thin films used in many sectors, including the energy storage and electronics industries, typically use processes that require high temperatures, vacuum conditions and high purity materials that drive up fabrication costs. Our technologies avoid these specialized conditions while maintaining rapid manufacturing output.

We are able to synthesize and test a large compositional space more quickly than any other deposition method. Our approach enables us to find the optimal formulation for our customers over a period of months rather than years and decades.
Our films have been proven to perform better than those made by other methods. These performance enhancements are rooted in our ability to make films that are not subject to extreme conditions, as well as our ability to make mixed-metal combinations that are inaccessible by conventional techniques.
We are able to Click every metal in the periodic table together. There is no other known method capable of accessing high quality films with such a diverse range of compositions.
Our room-temperature deposition process is amenable to the coating of various types of supports, including various types of metals, glass and plastics.

Patent portfolio

We have a diverse and growing patent portfolio that gives us global protection for our fabrication technologies as well the many different formulations that we have created.